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We are  for Sales Agents, Resellers and Lead Generators for our range of Micro Balers.  Prices for the equipment is so low they have no real competition or rival and unlike standard balers and compactors, Micro Balers will fit into virtually any environment.

SALES AGENTS:  These are healthy commission based positions offering you the opportunity to easily earn circa 50k per annum with minimaleffort - although there is no ceiling to what can be earned.

RESELLERS:  Why not consider adding Micro Balers to your current services or equipment line?  We offer  generous discounts to Resellers and unlike some baler manufacturers, we will only allow a limited number of companies to resell our products so the market will not be flooded with our machines. 

LEAD GENERATORS:  If you know of potential buyers for  our products but don't want to become a full Sales Agent, you can still earn with Micro Balers. We are not looking for lists of companies from phone books etc., but details of businesses you genuinely know would have a use for our machines.   We will pay  commission on any bona-fide sales lead that results in an actual sale.  All information received is in the strictest confidence - don't worry, i we never reveal our sources of information

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